Commercial Solar Installation

Investing in solar panels and sustainable solutions such as heat pumps and biomass reduce your business’ carbon footprint, increases profitability and improves the green branding of your business.

We have helped factories, housing developers and public sector organisations such as hospitals, churches and schools benefit from reduced energy bills and guidance to tackle climate change. If you are a larger business then the chances are you will have a bigger roof space to allow you to install more modules which in return, will decrease your utility bills.

Install solar panels for your business and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Help improve the environment
  • Energy Security
  • Reduce overheads and safeguard your business from rising energy costs
  • Law and Legislation (offset the cost of energy audits under the ESOS scheme)

Our Responsibility to You

We understand that choosing a renewable energy installer can be a difficult process so here are just some of the reasons why you should choose Tipsgrove Eco Ltd for your commercial solar installation:

  • Tipsgrove Eco Ltd offer free, no obligation quotations
  • Our bespoke quotations analyse your energy usage and give realistic payback projections
  • Our installed system is designed to save your business money while increasing your sustainability credentials
  • After sales support
  • Monitoring packages that allow you to view what your system is doing currently or previously
  • Insurance backed workmanship guarantee
  • Solar System Maintenance
    • System Analysis
    • Electrical Maintenance
    • Inverter Maintenance